FIT39 Golf Gloves


See what 10000’s of golfers in Australia already think of the FIT39 Golf Gloves here.

Have a look at our full range and see why the Fit 39 golf Glove is Japan's Best selling glove and the best all weather on the market in Australia and why golfers are converting over to them. The Fit 39 are a unisex glove so the size is dictated by the measurement of your hand.  Sizes from SS, S, M, L, XL.



Distinctive Golf is the largest authorised distributor of the FIT39 gloves and have Australia's largest range of FIT39 Golf Gloves by size and colour. Over 140 different variations to choose from. The FIT39 ex Golf Glove from Japan arguable the best all weather glove on the market today. Sales to date of over 5,000,000 pairs in 30 countries around the world, and a top-seller in Japan.
Using a revolutionary Japanese design it is made to fit the hand 'like a glove'. The TORAY material the gloves are made from restrict bacterial growth and odor resistant.  They are the only gloves in the world that are made in this material.  Approved by the JTETC and carry the SEK certified logo on the product.
Here is what some golfers have said; "this glove is awesome”, “love the glove, best ever”, “longest lasting glove I have ever worn”, I have played the best golf since wearing one, I can't believe how long it has lasted, why have we not seen these here previously, my hand does not sweat as much".
A number of PGA players touring professionals and up and coming Australian Amateurs use and promote the FIT 39ex golf gloves in Australia and NZ.

Essential Features of the FIT39ex golf glove:

  • Maintains a powerful grip and supports the hand firmly, even after extended use.
  • Absorbs perspiration and dries quickly, preventing hands from becoming uncomfortably damp.
  • Fits snugly, regardless of the position or movement of the hand.
  • Practically waterproof as well as being nonslip.
  • Does not fade and therefore is washable.
  • Durable and long lasting.

FIT39 Golf Gloves are available in

Please keep in mind they are a unisex glove they are not different for Mens or Ladies they are made as SS, S, M, L & XL so depending on your hand size will dictate the glove you need.  The gloves utilize a Japanese multi- directional breathable material made by Toray Industries that gives them their unique features and long lasting durability.
They are Non-slip, machine washable, quick drying with an Antibacterial Coating and Deodorizing. SEK certified for safety and performance by JTETC Japan.
If any of the following apply to you, the FIT39ex golf glove is what you are looking for.
  • Your grip loosens when you get tired.
  • Does your current golf glove fade or deteriorate over time.
  • You cannot find a golf glove that fits properly, as the finger tips are too tight or too loose.
  • Can you hold the club when your present golf glove becomes slippery from rain or perspiration?
  • You cannot find a golf glove that fits the size of your hand over and over, after regular use your old golf glove stretches and does not come back into shape.
  • Your present golf glove becomes stiff when it gets wet and kept it in your golf bag.
  • We stock the US size glove which is larger than the Asian size many would have purchased overseas so use the measure chart please. Generally the US size is one size larger.