Right Handed Golf Gloves - FIT39

Distinctive Golf is the largest & exclusive authorised distributor of the FIT39ex gloves.  We stock a big range of Right Handed Golf Gloves for both Men and Women. If you are a left handed golfer, you will love our FIT 39 Gloves and ladies can buy matching pairs.  Over 7 million sold worldwide.

Here is what some golfers have said; "this glove is awesome”, “love the glove, best ever”, “longest lasting glove I have ever worn”, I have played the best golf since wearing one, I can't believe how long it has lasted, why have we not seen these here previously, my hand does not sweat as much". Have a look at our Mens and Ladies Golf Gloves and see why the Fit 39 Glove is Japan's Best selling glove. Fit39 are a unisex glove so the size is dictated by the measurement of your hand.  Sizes from SS, S, M, L, XL.

NOTE:  The FIT39 range of gloves are the WORLDS only glove with an Antibacterial coating and Deodorizing SEK certified for safety and performance.  (SEK labelling is used on products that have a functional finish applied and have been certified by JTETC) - Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council.