Silicone Belt Buckles - steel and PVC

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The BCLN belt known as ‘The Belt’ has 9 different coloured buckles and a stainless steel buckle you can mix and match with the 15 belts in the range. Look smart play smart.

Golfers now have the option to mix and match a range of belts that match what they are wearing on the golf course or out socially. Sick of the usual dull colours of the standard leather belt, experience 'The Belt', with its 15 great colours will suit all golfers of all ages. The colour range is bold with some real bright colours and the standard white, blue and black. This belt is a unisex belt. This belt can be worn on the golf course with jeans, slacks, a suit most importantly complement what you are wearing at the time. You can wear the usual white or be bold and go for the purple or pink colours or the red. There is a colour for every one. Why not allow yourself to show your true character by wearing one of these super silicone belts (avoid imitations and poor quality product, the proof is in the flexibility of the belt).

This one size fits all belt is easy to fit, simply by cutting it with a pair of scissors to length suit the person. It is made from the highest quality of silicone and is completely waterproof and colour fast it will not stain your clothes. You can design your own colour combinations in the buckle and the combination of belt and buckle. People have even worn them when travelling as they ever need to take them off at any airport detectors.

The range of colours include; - black, white, red, yellow, violet, purple, rhodamine red, orange, blue, green, baby blue, grey, brown, navy, turquoise.

NOTE:  A buckle comes with every belt you purchase, however there is a range of 9 buckles you can add to your belt collection and mix and match a buckle to your style.

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Worn by ALPG & PGA members and leading Australian Amateurs.

Interchange the buckle

The Belt allows you to interchange buckles. Mix and match any of the 9 plastic buckles and stainless steel buckle with your existing belts. The buckle tongue and clamp are all interchangeable. The buckles are sold separately or in a pack of 9 colours.

Stainless Steel Buckle also available to fit any of The Belt colour range and totally interchangeable.

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