Testimonials and Reviews of our Golf Products

We believe customer service is critical to a successful business. A mix of quality products and a service level that shows commitment to the products we represent and the customers we wish to attract to your business are key KPI’s to which we benchmark ourselves. 

Distinctive Golf was set up to introduce to the golfers of Australia and NZ products that are unique and innovative and not previously available in this country.

We regularly receive comments about our products and service level and we wish to share only a small number of the numerous comments received over time. Why do we want to share these with you it is because we are proud of the business we have built the products we sell because we know how good they are and how good our service level is. We would like to tell people why we are different and hopefully do it better than others by posting some very nice feedback as appropriate. To be honest we have in the entire time we have been in operation received very little negative feedback and when we have we have taken the time to respond back to that customer to ensure we get it right for the next customer.

Feel free to comment back to me on any of the responses below.

Barry W

I have been using your gloves which I purchased while living in Melbourne. I have moved to the UK and would like to buy 2/3 pairs of Fit39 mens golf
gloves. I hope this is possible and if so will send see and colour etc.

Best gloves I have had in over 40 years of playing golf!!

Kay S

Thank you so much for your wonderful after sales service & attitude.  Very much appreciated and love the products. 

Andrew H VIC

 Thanks for great service ordered arrived today.

Deanna D NZ

Package arrived less then 10 days,  love the Arm Sleeves and fact minimal logos on them.  So pretty happy with them.

L Palmeros NZ

Used to go through gloves every 5 to 6 weeks, these lasted me 6 to 12 months with really good grip.

M Russell NSW

They are great products and recommend to everyone I can.

L Jardine QLD

Very nice glove thank you.

S Murphy QLD

Love your gloves.

Peter M VIC

Best gloves ever I have used, still have the same one from 2 years ago player over 100 rounds with it.

Keith K QLD

I continue to be impressed with these gloves.  Divot repairs work well also.

Mark K NSW

Simply the best gloves I have ever worn.  Fit fantastic breath really well.  I will only wear these gloves from now on. Thanks for superior service also

Chris L QLD

Gloves Fantastic thank you


The Professional gloves are fantastic, best round of golf in years

Dick M WA

Previously got them from Thailand, but now that they are in Australia will get them from you, great all weather and outlast anything else I have used

Chris T SA

Been using them for years best glove on the market by far

Evan E VIC

Definitely the best gloves you can buy, being buying the last 3-4 years will not buy anything else

Trever P NSW

Same pair over 12mths undoubtedly the best west weather gloves in terms of grip and keep their shape. Tried many other top brands NONE have the quality as the FIT39.  Will never go back to anything else

Nick S

Best gloves ever

Paul P QLD

Great Gloves

Gan G WA

Thank you for the great service

Chris W SA

Been using the gloves for years, definitely one of the best have used

Darren T VIC

Comfy and long lasting best gloves I have come across

Marion H QLD

We love the gloves and enjoy wearing them


FYI - Best gloves ever!!!

Rick P VIC

Thanks Peter - Love the gloves have bought many from you

Marg B NSW

Thanks Peter for speedy delivery of the gloves I think they are the best gloves ever

Alex K QLD

I love this glove - Brilliant !!

Sabina M QLD

I love your gloves

Gina M Overseas

They are the best gloves I have ever used!!!

Noel R NSW

Love the belts so comfortable

Jamie N Overseas golfer

I rec'd the COOLII gloves today, the size fits great and I really like this glove and mesh material, fits really well.

Steve B WA

Just want to say BIG THANKS for the nice phone call I received from you last week Thu regarding my order for the 2 x Fit39Ex gloves

I ordered for my wife which had a bit of a delay in the delivery due to you never receiving my order. Was great having a chat with you about your fantastic gloves - definitely the best golf glove I've ever used in my 32 years of playing golf!

Thanks for the quick sending of this order, I received it today and my wife loves the gloves! :) Thanks for your great customer service, not often I receive such a nice follow-up call regarding an order issue, great job! I always say, mistakes happen all the time with all of us, but how you correct it is what makes the difference and your way of handling it was top class! You have me as a customer for life!  Wherever you come down to WA and my neck of the woods, you always welcome to give me a call for a game at The Cut - will be great playing with you and if you ever need a new WA agent for your fantastic golf gloves, keep me in mind!

Product Review

"The Fit 39 golf glove is a cut above many well known brands which are significantly more expensive, and will retain its original fit and appearance for much longer."


'I've been using them(FIT39) gloves for the last 6 years, they last for ever, not lose their shape don't smell and don't go all stiff.  I guarantee once you try one you well never try another'

Will P VIC

'They are amazing gloves.'

Tony B NSW

'Some time ago I purchased one of your gloves. I wish to buy a men’s left hand glove ( blue )  and a women’s left glove ( pink )   --- both medium size. . I have been most impressed using this glove and because it has taken so long to wear through I have forgotten how to order and pay for the purchase'

Chris W NSW

"Been using these gloves for years, they are definitely one of the best I have used'

Steve S QLD

'Been using them for 8 years.  They last ages!! and importantly dont stink like the back en dof a dog in the wet season.'

Fabio P NSW

'Thanks for the prompt service.  Received the FIT39 gloves have used them before and they last a long time.  They are a great product.'

Paul P NSW

'Brought a pair overseas, saw them at Distinctive Golf  so bought another 2.  Only just now purchased a 4th pair, the old ones are still usable great gloves.'

David R QLD

'I have has two sets for 3 years, they are still in great nick, easy to wash a a few rounds in the QLD humidity.  Fully recommend go get a couple'

Graeme M NSW

'Have been using the FIT39 glove for a few months now and think its great'


'The glove is excellent and so is the belt'

Eric S VIC

'Very impressed with the gloves and have put an order in for more'

Ron P WA

'I tried the glove yesterday for the first time and like it'


'Thank you for your great service during the year'

Paul B QLD

'I brought my first pair 5 years ago overseas, liked so much bought 2 more and only just know got my 4th pair and the old ones are all still usable.Great gloves'

Nick S NSW

'Best gloves ever'

Trevor P QLD

'I have used the same pair for over 12 months and played in excess of 70 rounds in them in that time. They are the undoubtedly the best wet weather glove in terms of grip and their ability to retain their shape and fit. I have tried all the name brands and spent a great deal of money and not got the quality of the Fit39. No way I will ever go back to the so called 'Name, brand again. BTW if you look inside the name brands gloves you will find they all massed produced in the same factory in Indonesia'

Lindsay Q QLD

'I have had this glove for over 4 months now and its like new, Great Glove!'

Brian B VIC

'Thanks  Peter, super service'

Evan E QLD

'They are definitely the best glove you can buy. I have been buying them for the last 2-3 years and will not be going back to the gloves I brought previously'

Chris  T VIC

'I have been using them for years, best glove on the market by far'

Bobbie  B VIC

I have worn this glove before, I ordered 3 pairs off you a year ago, lost one, and the second one has lasted ever since.  I plan to use the last one this week.  I am incredibly impressed with the glove for comfort, grip and longevity, most other gloves I have used only last 3 months at most!, 

Mark F NSW

Love the cardholder and I'm getting used to the PILL,l'ii certainly be referring my mates to yor products

Darryl G QLD

'Love the products'

Benny G NSW

'I love it'

Evan E NSW

Buy this glove best on the market

Gunawan S ACT

'I have purchased these off you previously and they have lastest longer than any others I've tried'

Geoff B WA

I am very happy with my purchase, thanks for the great service and products

Peter  A NSW

'I have been using these for the the last 2 years and really like them'

John H NZ

Both M... and I have been using and loving the FIT39 glove

Adam S NSW

Awesome glove and I'll definitely get more as I need them

Steve S QLD

Been using these for 8 years, They last ages!! and don't smell like the other gloves

 Warren M WA

I'm still using mine, I even use them in the garden

Jennifer D NSW

Hi Peter , I used my new glove yesterday absolutely loved it . The conditions were terrible wet and windy but the glove kept dry and never lost its grip.  My mates also gave it a go and we're very impressed, hopefully you will see some orders coming over to you soon ..  

Michael B VIC

'Hi. Bought my first pair of gloves in Thailand two years ago and it is still in use...normally my gloves only last for half a season, but the fit39 is unbeatable. Now I have 3 pairs. A friend of mine from Denmark also bought some after I gave him a pair. ...He also love 'sthem'

Stein M Oslo Norway

'The 39 gloves are the best'

Richard R NSW

'Those Fit39 gloves are the best.  Thanks for the surprise pitch tool'

Bernadette W VIC

'Love the gloves play 3 times a week usual wear out other gloves in 3 weeks these last'

'Hi Peter very much appreciated so refreshing to have a company go the extra yard for customer service, good luck in your business you deserve it'

Alan P QLD

'Comfy and long lasting best glove I have come across'

Greg C WA

This is the second time I have purchased your gloves they are great'

Robert McC WA

Darren T NSW

'Thankyou for shipping my order so fast, What a great glove'

Renae S QLD

'These gloves are awesome'
Kerrie C NSW     

'Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided with this company. I received my order of a glove, belt and spare belt buckle on Thursday and am extremely happy with them and how quickly they arrived. I will be placing a second order in today and will definitely return to your site again in the future'
Jamie C NSW

'Sold 22 gloves in the 1st day of putting up the FIT39 display stand, blown away by the response'
Pro shop in QLD

'Best glove I’ve ever worn.  My grip is that bad I go through a glove a round without fail, not these their still perfect and I have played heaps of rounds.  I LOVE MY FIT39s'

'Great in the wet' 
Kaye B NSW

'Love the first glove , that is why I bought a spare, Love the belt also love the free gift and great service.  My sons purchased the Pill 3 pack for xmas for me and has improved my putting. Great products and I will be a long time customer, thank you'

'My coach took a photo of me on the water with my stand up paddle board, not the best photo for the belt. Thanks for the belts, cool colors... all the best’
R Mclean QLD

"Many thanks for the excellent ball markers for our championships"
Steve R NSW

"I have been very happy with the glove I received and let my fellow golfer know"

"I have found the Pill to be a great training aid and will continue to use them in my training of junior players across NSW
Khan P NSW

"Thanks for The Belt cool colours all the best"
Roman Mc QLD

"Have used these gloves in the past and for me they have been the best I have ever worn.  Can I still get them in NZ"
Judy M NZ

"Best gloves he has worn rang to tell me after his first game with them very happy"
Ray S - VIC

"thanks gain I love the product"
Don N  - WA

"First purchased Nov 15, best glove I have ever worn.  Comfortable, had great grip and feel, and even great in the wet, no slipping.  I would recommend this glove to everyone who needs a great glove experience"
Eliz McK – NSW

"By the way your gloves are amazing"
Andrew D – QLD 

"Hi peter I appreciate that. I was overseas the last 6 weeks and only remembered it because of my atrocious putting the other day. I will leave great feedback for the prompt response. Once again thanks"

Alex S NSW

"I first purchased the FIT39 gloves back in November 15, this glove is the best glove I have ever used.  it is comfortable to wear, has great grip, feel and feels super even in the rain with no slipping.  I would recommend this glove to everybody who needs a great glove experience"
Elizabeth McK NSW

"I love my gloves"
Dilys G NSW

"Its the best glove I have ever used"
Peter D VIC

"Love the golf gloves best ever"

Christine W VIC

"Hi Peter, I purchased some gloves a few months back and I just love them. I would like to purchase more."


"Hi Peter, Just a quick note to say thankyou for the prompt delivery of my golf gloves. The only "problem" is that I probably won't be ordering again for a while, as they last so long! Rest assured, I'll be highly recommending the gloves (as I already have many times) but I'll also recommend that my golfing friends use your site to when ordering."

Richard K VIC

"Peter, today I received a golf glove from you. Thank you very much for providing a replacement, your service is much appreciated and I look forward to using the glove tomorrow. Thank you very much for your excellent service customer"

Allan B VIC

"Would be good to get some more FIT39 gloves off you too as mine are finally wearing out after almost 20 months."

Andrew McC NSW

"These items have been received and are of great quality. Thank you. (Miclub leather holders)"

E Bay buyer NSW

"The FIT 39 gloves are the bestselling glove in the Pro shop and second most sold item only after a Pro V golf ball."

Golf Ops Mger Club in the ACT

"Thank you very much for providing a replacement, your service is much appreciated and I look forward to using the glove tomorrow Thank you very much for your excellent service customer"

Allan B

"If you need a testimonial ... These gloves are fantastic! As a supplier your biggest problem is they don't wear out !"

Sue O

"The wallets arrived this morning. The product is great and I will recommend them to my friends and playing partners. (Miclub leather holders)"

Russell A

"These items have been received and are of great quality. Thank you. (miclub leather holders)"

EBay purchaser

"Thanks for the quick chat. The gloves are awesome"

Leading Pro Shop on the Gold Coast

"I can confirm that we've had very positive feedback from players when providing them as prizes for GV events."

Golf Victoria - Employee

"I have purchased a few products from yourself over the past few months, thank-you for the prompt delivery, gloves, ball markers and pencils. The FIT39 gloves are great and I would presume you soon should be getting some orders for them from colleagues in our social golf club."

N Fraser NSW

"I've previously purchased these gloves from you and they have lasted at least 5 times longer than any other glove I've used... So I thought I'd buy some more."

G Bertram NSW

"Hi Peter, Just a note to let you know the two XL Fit 39 gloves arrived from my daughter on Monday, I played a round of golf yesterday using the one of the gloves, and I have to tell you I have been playing golf for over 40 years, and cannot remember how many gloves I have worn in that time, however this Fit 39 is by far the best glove I have ever worn. I intend to tell all my golfing mates about this glove, and I am sure we will have another order for you. Peter many thanks also for the great service. Kind regards"

P Brown NZ

"Hi Peter, Just wanted to let you know that I won A grade yesterday with the new belt and glove. They work a treat! Not sure if it was the grip of club or the new outfit but they have a combined 100% success rate so far. "

A Smith

"I really like them "

Noel T QLD (New user of the Fit39 gloves)

"The glove performed very well in both the rain and dry conditions "


"Thankyou for the belts, they are great "

Grace L QLD

"Paul Alan and myself are more than happy to endorse the gloves as a great product for golf "

Mike G ACT

"Regarding the gloves, I have been using the SAME glove for 10 months now, quite unbelievable that a glove can last so long. I am really impressed considering I play every Saturday this glove has been through a lot. I would like to purchase a few more. "

Warren S QLD

"The best glove he has ever worn "

Alan R VIC

"WOW I am impressed; I just receive the belt etc in the mail this morning. Thank you for your prompt service. "

Joanne S VIC

"Thanks for arranging the gloves to WA, my stepson has received them and cannot get over how comfortable they are. "

Ross F NSW

"These are the best gloves I have ever worn. "


"I have just returned from a golf weekend away and found the gloves to be very comfortable and the belts really nice. I will buy a few more shortly. Thanks for the efficient service. "


"Thank you for the Greenkeeper pitch repairs they were well received and appreciated. "

Golf Australia

"The scorecard holder works really well I have shown my other golfing mates. "

Steve Z TAS

"Products arrived today and very happy with the contents. Feel of the glove is great. "


"The belts you gave me were great. Everyone commented how cool they were and where did you get them. "

Cathleen S NSW

"I'm still wearing the belts everywhere and I love them. I have a friend that is interested in them who will contact you. "

Christina M QLD

"Thanks the belts look great. "

Oh H

"The pitch repairs are nothing like I thought they would be, they are great and I will keep them in mind for my next corporate event. "

Barry G NSW

"The markers you made for us were well received, thanks. "


"These belts are fantastic, the school kids & snow boarders luv them. "

Mark S VIC

"Received the belt yesterday Peter - excellent service - so quick. "

Karen H QLD

"The gloves are going great guns, especially with the ladies. "

Golf Pro -  Private Golf Club VIC

"Best, longest lasting gloves I have ever worn. "

John VIC

"I have shown him the gloves and told him that I consider them the best glove I have ever used." 

Andrew VIC A Grade Pennant

"They are wonderful gloves and I am very happy that I can order them through your organisation. I have to say the service I have received from you has been exceptional. "

Dilys G NSW

"I ordered another 3 gloves this week, and gave them a great plug at my Drummonds Golf outlet to get them in."


"I'm telling you mate  best gloves in the game."


"I play 3 times a week same glove for 12 months, washed it once and still going strong.  Lov it.... 30 rounds in 6 months"

Bill S QLD

"Great Product, gloves going really well."

Pro QLD Golf Course

"You won't find a better mit on the market.  Give them a go.  I got about 160 rounds of mine"

Chris S NSW

"Grip amazing have to try everything we sell"

Pro Golf Course NSW