Distinctive Golf Product Range

Distinctive Golf has looked the world over for product that has form, function, innovation, ergonomically designed and has individuality. We wish to make the game of golf a memorable experience either by the way you have played or by the use of our products you have had the game of your life or just improved the level of golf you play.  We also want to hopefully make each game as good as the last and leave the course looking forward to the next game.  Our products also allow for great corporate exposure for any clients brand wanting to use golf as an avenue to entertain their customers.  Any product in the range would make an excellent corporate gift, event giveaway.  We try our best to provide what we show on the site however we have the right to change the product in size and style as required from time to time.

Golf Accessories

Laser Rangefinders

Our Laser is made with quality precision with a feel and performance to match.  This laser can go from 5-1000 meters.  Its features include: 

  • Ranging and Scan
  • Golf flag lock with jolt and slope on/off
  • Horizon distance + Vertical height+ level distance
  • Speed
  • Red or Black Optics
  • Magnification 6x
  • Power supply 2 x AAA Batteries (not included in the sale)
  • Meter or yards reading
  • Low battery indictor
  • New weight 150g
  • Accuracy to +/- 1mte or 0.1%
  • Power off after 20 seconds
  • Fits in one hand

 Because of its lightweight build simple to hold in one hand even in the wind and its ability to pickup the flag or a point on the course is amazing.  I have used other well-known brands laser rangefinders and apart from being heavier they don’t pick up the flag as well and don’t have the features the DPG unit does.

The RSL002 laser is that right weight and performance unit anyone starting out with their first laser or the golfer who has tried others that have not performed and want something else.

 Laser Rangefinder


Scorecard Holders

Distinctive Golf is the designer and creator of the market leading leather scorecard holders for the MiClub Autoscore and new Miscore system. Manufactured from the finest genuine cow leather it will complement any golfers current range of accessories and general golfing gear.  Currently made in 7 unique colours from the finest leather on the market, and a limited range of holders in Goats leather. 

We have introduced the Miscore holder for the 21 x 15 2 page sized holders now being introduced by Miclub to many Australian golf clubs who don't want the technical aspects of autoscore but the features of a computerised system,  Significant features of these holders;

  • The holders are made from a soft genuine cow hide leather
  • They are all hand made to order
  • They come in seven colours – Navy, green, blue, yellow, pink, black, & red and any other colour by arrangement
  • The holders are made to protect and fit the card perfectly and comes with a built in pencil holder
  • Exceptional quality and durable
  • Can emboss any logo or image


    Mi Club Scorecard Holder


    The Pill

    Winner of the Best Product by Golf Digest at the 2013 PGA Show

    It looks like a hockey puck or a ball cut on both sides, but is performs like nothing else on the market and is why tour players from all tours around the world and leading golf teachers are using The Pill in their teaching of golf.  This product is not only the best putting aid it will also help improve your game on and around the greens. The idea behind this aid is to amplify your misses. If you hit a putt off-center, The Pill will miss three cups outside instead of a slight miss. You can see your misses and make the proper adjustments you will dramatically drop your handicap. Place The Pill in a bunker and you'll be forced to hit behind the ball with a proper sand swing. If not, you'll hit it thin and leave it in the bunker. Use it around the green with your pitching wedge and watch it role if hit correctly. "The inventor Paul Nagi wants all golfers to have fun while practicing and then take what they have learnt out on the course.  Sold as a single aid or a warm up bag of 3 Pills or as many as you want you can make up any number of training drills with this product.


    The Pil Putting Aid




    Golf Gifts



    Golf Ball Bottle opener


    Ball Markers

    How do you mark a ball on the green?  By using a ball marker.  It is an essential item around the green and must be used when picking up the ball off the green. We have a range of different markers for all golfers, select from our range of baked enamel markers, to the crystal range to the very unique logoed chip range.  We have something for everyone.

    There are 40 different markers by designs and options to select from and we are sure there is one for every golfer.


    ball markers



    Crystal Ball Markers



    novelty ball markers



    Golf Gloves - Australia's Largest Exclusive Authorised Distributor

    The FIT39ex, Professional Glove and FIT39ex Super Cool II Glove.  Exclusive to Distinctive Golf.  Over 10 million sold and counting.

    Distinctive Golf is the exclusive authorised distributor with the largest range of FIT39ex golf gloves in the country by size and colour (over 200 different combinations), the bestselling golf glove in Japan, a glove sold around the world in over 30 countries and over 10 Million pairs sold, the FIT 39 Golf Glove from Japan is regarded as arguable the best all weather glove on the market today is now available in Australia and NZ. Using innovative Japanese design in how they are made and the Toray material that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria this glove fits the hand 'like a glove'. Golfers all over Australia are now for the first time realizing how good this product is and comment: ‘this is the best glove they have worn, I have played the best golf since wearing one, I can’t believe how long it has lasted, why have we not seen these here previously, my hand does not sweat as much”.  There is no other glove in the world that is made with this anti bacterial & odor resistant material.  Please keep in mind if you have purchased a pair overseas they more than likely will be the Asian sized glove.  In Australia and New Zealand we have adopted the US sizing which means they will be bigger in every size.  Also note that they are cut differently as they are unisex glove that is there is no male or female glove its based on purely your hand size of SS, S, M, L & XL.  The actual size of the glove will be dependent on the size selected and therefore this may impact the finger lengths and other factors.  This glove is different to other gloves on the market.  Refer to the sizing chart if unsure.

    NOTE: The FIT39 range of gloves are the WORLDS only glove with an Antibacterial coating and Deodorizing SEK certified for safety and performance.  (SEK labelling is used on products that have a functional finishing applied and have been certified by JTETC) - Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council - Product Certification Department.


    fit 39 gloves



    Pitch/Divot Tools

    The most diverse functional and innovative range of pitch repair tools on the market and available to golfers. Want something different but importantly something that works look no further and explore the range of pitch tools Distinctive Golf as on offer. The range of tools include the worlds only wood retractable tool with marker and club rest and the worlds most ergonomically shaped tool which comes in 9 different colours.

    There are over 15 different ball markers that can fit our pitch tools and they come in wood, alloy zinc and PVC. We also have some in solid bronze and silver for the golfer who has everything but then again does not have one of these hand made tools.


    alloy divot tools



    deluxe golf divot tool



    greenkeeper divot tool



    wooden pitch marker



    golf pitch marker


    Golf Belts

    The Belt from BCLN is a one size fits all belt. There are 15 colours in the range. It is not like over belts, you only need one size to fit most waists, even the large ones and the small.  You simply cut it to fit your size. It is made from a food grade silicone and is the best in its class.  Avoid cheap imitations. The Belt can be mixed and matched with any clothes whether on the course or off it.  Note: each belt comes with a buckle but you can add extras and customise The Belt to suit your style.

    The range of buckles available allows you to interchange them with any belt and we now stock a Stainless Steel buckle that fits all BCLN belts. There are 9 colours in the range and now a Stainless Steel Buckle version that fits your belt.


    golf belts