Baked Golf Ball Markers

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A baked ball marker is used to mark the ball on the green and must be put down before the ball can be lifted and cleaned. Failure to mark the ball in this way would incur a penalty stroke. Golf Ball markers come in all shapes and types.

Distinctive Golf offer a range of golf ball markers including;

This range of baked ball markers come in 8 standard styles. We can do individually designed markers if requested.  The ball markers have a enamelled glass coating on a Stainless Steel backing.

This golf ball marker comes with a Stainless Steel hat clip that is magnetic. This clip generally fits neatly on any hat. Gift boxes also available.  Highest Quality engineered magnet and clip.  We try our best to provide what we show on the site however we have the right to change the product in size and style as required from time to time.

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