Greenkeeper Golf Pitch Marker Tools

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This tool is made in Germany and is the most ergonomically designed tool on the market.  It fits the contour of the thumb and hand for both left and right handed players. Has the feature of a club rest and comes in 9 super colours.

The "Greenkeeper® Pitchmarktool" has this inbuilt fully integrated clip that not only helps in holding the tool but can be attached to your belt, golf bag or pocket. The clip also improves the grip and function.

The best ergonomically shaped divot tool to repair your pitchmark on the market.

Greenkeeper is all about - Form Follows Function.

  • ergonomically shaped clip
  • supporting surface for the index and middle finger
  • distinctive moulding for the thump
  • very good leverage system
  • specially formed long prongs
  • ergonomically shaped

What is the best way to repair a pitch mark?

Insert the Pitchmarktool just outside the edge of the impression. Press this edging towards the impression. This will fill the impression with undamaged grass and accelerate the regeneration process.

Repeat the same procedure all around the impression, tap down the repaired area gently with your putter.

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